DAIRY: The problem of abandoned cattle, improper disposal of waste, and animal cruelty persist in India’s dairies due to lack of enforcement of law. PFA-PPF advocates for Dairies in India to comply by environmental norms and humane housing of dairy animals. It campaigns for better policies for
regulations of dairies from the stand point of human health, animal welfare and achieving sustainability.

POULTRY: The poultry industry in India is vastly unregulated and is unimaginably cruel to poultry birds. The rearing of layer hens and transport and slaughter of broiler is riddled with practices which are in violation of the law of the land. PFA-PPF aims to work with State Governments and District
Administrations to check such violations and ensure that billions of birds are not subjected to unnecessary pain and suffering. 

WILDLIFE: With the shrinking habitat and growing man-animal conflict, the future of captive wild animals in India seems to be bleak. PFA-PPF campaigns for habitat protection, humane policies for mitigation of man-animal conflict as well as setting up rescue centres for wild animals which are few and far between the country. Also, PFA-PPF lays a lot of stress on training of Veterinary Officers for better wildlife management in National Parks and Sanctuaries.

STARY ANIMALS: PFA-PPF has set up sustainable and replicable low cost models of animal birth control in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. PFA-PPF is also working with several other State governments for humane Birth control of street animals in compliance of direction given by Hon’ble Supreme Court from time to time and guidelines of Animal Welfare Board of India and Government of India.

ANIMAL SACRIFICE: Regressive and barbaric abuse of animals in name of tradition such as sacrificing animals for religious purposes is violative of several statues of India. PFA-PPF campaigns against such abuse of animals in the name of culture and tradition and works to spread awareness among State Government, local authorities, people to develop a scientific temper and insure practices and lifestyles which are not abusive towards animals.

WORKING ANIMALS: A large number of animals are used as beasts of burden for draught and pack purposes with little or no regulations, these animals sometimes work to death and enjoy hardly any protection from State Governments or District Administrations for lack of awareness of the duty of the persons using such animals. PFA-PPF campaigns towards implementation of law and statutes made for protection of working animals under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and aims at replacing working animals with environment friendly and futuristic machines.

DEVELOPMENT OF ANIMAL WELFARE DEPARTMENT: PFA-PPF understands that streamlining and defining the roles and responsibilities of each wing of the government with respect to protection of animals is imperative for the implementation of the Acts and Rules framed by the Central Government. With the Animal Welfare Board of India at the helm of such a department in the Government of India creation of State level Animals Welfare Boards and District level Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and building there capacity so that they can perform their functions; is one of the major campaigns of PFA-PPF for uniform and consistent welfare policies to be implemented and enforced in the country.